Partner at Crosbie Finance

Sean Gillard

Partner at Crosbie Finance | business and executive finance broker | medical and hospitality industry specialist | self managed superannuation finance

Are you driven by results? Do you need a finance package to suit your particular business strategy or personal situation?

Sean Gillard’s trademark as a successful finance broker for business owners, professional executives and high-net individuals comes down to one dynamic word: results.

“Results, pure and simple. It’s all about strategy and structure and getting your finance right.”

Clients are drawn to Sean’s no-nonsense, intellectual approach to lending. Properly matching a client to the exactly right sort of finance for their needs requires more than just an exceptional knowledge of the finance spectrum.

“We get to know you and the business, how it rolls and what it needs, and we can give you the result that matches.

“I could see a client this morning for a 600 thousand dollar home loan then a client this afternoon for a ten million dollar re-finance of multiple hotels.”

Sean says behind every successful business or high-net individual is the right support, including their finance broker. Yet there are still plenty of people who are fooled by the cheapest advertised rate into paying bank fees for no benefit, or a loan might be set up against the wrong security or entity.

“Getting your finance right is crucial and gives you peace of mind. We’ve got access to almost 30 different lenders and we choose a product because of process and result—and the price always falls in regardless.”

A partner in Crosbie Finance since 2014 Sean has more than 20 years lending expertise and specialises in complex lending requirements.

Sean Gillard is a credit representative (400490) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117651760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).